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SKY Movers & Packers FAQ

When it comes to Professional Moving services, SKY movers & packers are someone you can count on and the name you can trust.

  • What are our's quality standards?
    External quality audits are carried out by Australian Standrads representatives on a regular basis, ensuring that standards are upheld and our customers always receive a high-quality service. Our pursuit of the highest possible quality service has led SKY movers & packers to develop the QUEST Quality Management Program. With our history and knowledge of the relocation industry, Crown has been able to create a system that sets the standard for quality.
  • Can I reschedule my relocation?
    Rescheduling can be done up to 48 hours prior to the move.
  • What should I look for in a Movers Company?
    There are lots of movers companies out there and they will range from one person with a van to larger movers companies who have a fleet of vehicles of all sizes to move your belongings as well as a team of removers and removal services. We would always advise that you ask family members and friends for recommendations for removal companies and look at the companies reviews before you book them for your moving day.
  • How will my possessions be moved?
    Most interstate removals are effected using specially constructed hi-cube furniture containers which are loaded and sealed at residence. These containers travel between Australian cities on the Pacific National freight rail network. The use of inter-modal containers is a feature of the contemporary Australian moving industry, offering customers the benefits of minimizing excessive handling and allowing for short-term storage at interstate destinations. Local moves are carried out by specialist moving trucks. Depending on the belongings in your inventory we may utilize specialist equipment for moving heavier items.
  • How long will it take to move me?
    This all depends on many different factors, including the time required to load, secure and unload your belongings, what level you are on, are we using a lift solely for us or are we sharing, how far the truck is parked from the premises, weather conditions and also the distance between the premises you are moving from and to and how well you have prepared for the move. The more you do beforehand, the cheaper will be for you. The promise we give is this, we do many services apart from Removal lists, if we don’t give you a quality relocation, we stand to lose you and your referrals in the other parts of our business. We have grown due to integrity and referrals.
  • Can you move art, antiques, pianos or billiard tables?
    Yes, we can! We have specialist staff who are trained and accustomed to moving antiques. We also have an art transport division equipped and skilled at moving, storing and installing valuable and fragile works of art. This department uses specialized air ride climate vehicles and our art handlers are trained to museum handling standards. Many of our vehicles contain piano trolleys and have hydraulic tail lifters. Our staff are also experienced at disassembling and reassembling grand pianos and multi piece slate billiard tables.
  • Can I pack my own boxes?
    Yes, you can pack your own boxes. Some clients elect to pack clothes, books and linen and leave the more fragile items to us. If you choose to do this, we will supply you with appropriate professional quality boxes and packing materials. We can also provide you with instructions for packing your boxes to professional standards, however we can not be responsible for any breakages in boxes packed by you.
  • Everything you need to know about our services
    Moving home is a really daunting process from the time you are looking for your new home, to offering and having your offer accepted, throughout the legal process, to exchange, completion and then moving day. Many people say it’s one of the most stressful things you will do in your life so being organized and knowing everything you can in the build-up and on the day will ease some of the pressure that naturally comes with probably spending the most amount of money you will ever spend in your lifetime. Here are some Removal Services FAQ’s which will help you when you are moving home.
  • Can I help the revivalist's?
    You may assist the revivalist's while moving items from your house to the truck which is permitted. However, our insurance prohibits you from entering onto the truck.
  • How much notice do I need to provide?
    The amount of notice required depends on the nature of your move. We recommend that you book your interstate move four to six weeks prior to departure. Booking ahead will allow us to secure and confirm your booking for your preferred dates and give you sufficient time to prepare for your move. Of course, interstate moves can be still be arranged successfully at shorter notice, depending on your individual circumstances.
  • How far ahead should I book?
    Ideally, you should confirm dates as soon as possible, as dates are often booked up well in advance. SKY movers & packers will always aim to match the dates you require, but please keep in mind that some days (particularly Fridays) are busier and more expensive than others, so it will help if you can be flexible.
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